Friday, October 23, 2009

Boost Iron

No matter how much I try to modify my diet I still can't get enough of some particular nutrients someone my size needs, so I'm taking food supplements. The lack of some of the minerals or vitamins in my system is not noticeable to an average man and I don't feel it that much, but there's this certain element the lack of which drives me crazy... Not so much during the warmer seasons, but the minute the cold strikes I start getting lots of annoying allergic and irritating reactions, both looks and health-wise. I'm talking about iron here! And I'm genuinely thankful to my iron supplement for helping me survive last year's winter and so looking forward to it helping me deal with the cold this year too!..


  1. I too take iron supplements frequently. Once my iron levels are down I feel very nauseated and I can't stand it.

    So I second that..thank goodness for all types of supplements :)

  2. I usually feel weak and get tired easily when its levels are down for me, and during colder seasons my skin starts itching like crazy and gets easily irritated after contact with water :(

    So yeah, let's take an iron 'tablet' to that! :) haha

  3. It's true that, during the winter, your body feels not too healthy. the weather makes your body temperature decrease.
    in addition with food supplements, I advise you praticing some sport, to keep your cells ready for the fight. It works for me!!!

  4. Thanks Kévy! And trust me, I do sports, and not just in winter ;) I'd say it helps all year round!


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