Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm glad, relieved and thankful to have finally finished reading Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita". Oh what it cost me!.. First opened the book in Egypt on 25th of April in 2008 and put it down just now, about 5 minutes ago, - on October 27th, 2009, one and a half years later.

I never liked it, this is why. Just somehow always had this feeling that this is one of those books that I don't enjoy but have to read (really not sure where I got that from), so I kept forcing myself to read. It was hard as I didn't like the style in which it's written, the subject itself was much more appealing to me than the intricacy of the plot too.

But oh my, what it cost me to finish reading this book!.. It had me shaking with disgust and disdain for the Lolita character and it even made me cry, for if there's one thing I truly hate it's betrayal, and it's exactly what Lolita did to Humbert. Her portrayed disloyalty brought back some painful memories from my own past, and I even had trouble sleeping a few days ago because of all the emotions haunting me - one night I woke up a few times just to find myself forgetting to breathe, I've noticed this is what happens to me when I'm highly stressed.

I feel so accomplished though, good to be done reading it as I was really looking forward to this day!

P.S. The above review is my personal opinion and in no way am I forcing it on anyone - you have your right to disagree.

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