Monday, October 19, 2009

My Height

I'm not too tall, but I've never had any issues with my height. On the contrary, I always loved it and was always thankful for being just a tiny bit taller than 5'3. I honestly think it's perfect for a woman - I'm not too short, and I can wear absolutely any type of high heels any time of the day and to anywhere and not worry about being taller than 90% of the men I meet on my way. My height works perfectly for me!


  1. Hi Julia. My ideal height would be about 5'7. I'm a mere 5'4 though and that as you say, isn't bad either.
    Have a lovely day..

  2. Hi Arty! I know women (and well, men too, so people in general usually want to be taller, seem to me it's a natural thing for a human being. But with the way I view most (if not all) things in life, I feel very appreciative of what I have. I wear high heels all the time, so it would be tricky if I were, say, 5'7 and wearing my 4-5 inch heels ;) And I think 5'4 is a very good height for a woman, very feminine without being too short ;)

  3. I am thankful for my height too although there are times I wish I was taller.. then again I realize that if I wear my heels I'm about my boyfriend's height, and he told me he feels intimidated... My sister who is 5'9 has a hard time finding men who are taller than her with heels... so i guess not being too tall is a good thing in many ways! haha

  4. Exactly, Aimee! Haha :) I perfectly udnerstand why men would feel a bit taken aback when a woman is of tehir height or even taller... Looks liek your sister has it harder than you! lol


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