Saturday, November 28, 2009

Twenty Two

Thankful for making it another year, it was a good one and I'm so ready for having a lot of fun living the life as a 22 year old now.


  1. Happy birthday Julia, best wishes :)

  2. Happy birthday Julia, wowwww 22 many memories, have a nice day and I wish you the best, many, many, many thanks for the comment, I hope you make lots of presents a muaaaaaaaaa

  3. What!?
    You're soooo young, especially considering all this wisdom you impart.

    You blow my mind.
    Happy Birthday :)

  4. Arty, thank you!! :)

    Mariona, nice one! :) Thanks!

    Graham, thaank you!! Yeah, when it comes to me, one better be prepared for some surprises lol


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