Saturday, December 19, 2009

Father Issues

It's not the most obvious thing someone would want to be thankful for (and definitely not the nicest thing to say), but my father issues have taught me a lot. For instance, I know for a fact what exactly I'll try my best not to ever let myself tolerate in MY man. And maybe it's a good thing that I'm reminded of it so often. Thank you.


  1. Mine was a little difficult to tolerate too (but he also had his good qualities).

    Some times we need to make allowances in life, especially in regards to the people close to us. Otherwise, we're bound to make it hard on ourselves only (unfortunately).

    You have the luxury and brains to make the proper choice for yourself, I'm sure.

  2. And thankful that your father was there to have problems with. We don't know what we didn't have until what we had is gone. I am thankful my father is still alive and healthy this year but I know others whose fathers died way too young (or were never there to celebrate or have problems with).

  3. Amen sister. I went and found myself the exact opposite...and he treats me like a princess!

  4. That's a positive way to look at that it never dampen your spirits.

  5. Aren't you amazing? A wonderful way to turn something into goodness! Enjoy your Sunday.

  6. I see what you mean, definitely.
    What's something you won't tolerate, if I may ask?

  7. i'm definately with you on that one. I have major father issues myself....

    For all things fashion:

  8. @Arty: I know what you mean. Of course, my dad has great qualities too, but maybe it just happened so that he's not a good match as a father for a daughter like me. My relationship with my father became a huge issue a while ago and it all was pretty nasty for a while, but I've found this balance and managed to figure out a better way to interact with him. My proudest achievement in this is the fact that through some of my very loud actions I made him think about his ways. He's gotten better since, well, to me at least. And thank you!! :)

    @TreeTrunkRick: Yes, true that! I'm thankful for this very fact too - if not for my father I would not just have never been born, but I wouldn't be able to choose so wise when it comes to men for sure lol

    @Kristin: I so know what you mean :) Happy for you and your man!

    @Leah: It did for a while and it was terrible... But I got back up :)

    @Gropius: Aww, thank you!! Aren't you just amazing for saying such kind thing? :))

    @Graham: Some of the things include never saying 'sorry' and 'thank you', disrespecting my hobbies, beliefs and interests, not being a gentleman at all times, saying offensive things instead of compliments... I probably ask for too much, but I'm the type who doesn't want to settle for less, especially given that I give all of that and more back :)

    @Missy: It makes us stronger though, girl, so hang in there!.. ;-)

  9. So true, darling!
    Lovely blog!


  10. I am also thankful for having father "around" when growing up even though I always seek for help from my mom. :)

  11. Sounds like you're looking for humility, a trait much rarer these days. Thanks for answering that since it's quite personal.

  12. @Graham: Hummm... maybe. And you're welcome :)


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