Sunday, January 31, 2010

'Cause I Ain't No Gossip Girl

I've never been the one to gossip about others and I'm not into all the gross celebrity gossip, even though I do appreciate celeb news and latest pictures every once in a while. Everything is only good in moderation. Staying away from those who spread rumors and not being one myself has only been helpful in life, and I'm thankful I'm not the gossipy type.


  1. That is something to be thankful for!


  2. What? Beyonce attacks Jay-z...I've gotta go tell

  3. true, that is indeed something to be thankful for. not everybody has that trait. it's actually human nature to gossip about things.

    on a lighter note, thanks for leaving a comment on my site. i'm also adding your link to my blog so i can visit you more often :)


  4. I feel you, it's just too much drama, a person should have enough of it in their life, why bother with someone elses?

    thanx for the comment, & I love your posts about the everyday life!


  5. I think that you might be one of the few persons alive that aren't gossip type!!!

  6. I agree with you about moderation.

  7. Yup! I've always been too busy for gossip anyway.

    If you get the chance, I'd be delighted if you'd enter my lingerie giveaway! :-)

    Confessions of Lingerie Addict

  8. @Bo, sshhhh!!... That was supposed to be a secret!! lol :)

    @Joei, yes, I'm glad I don't do that :)

    @Christine, thanks!!

    @jeune_premier: I sometimes feel so too... like when out with a group of girls haha Sometimes I realize I'm not really intereste din what they start talking about lol

    @Treacle, I'm afraid I'll have to become a US resident first ;-)

  9. Hey Julia,
    The rainbow effect was done throu photoshop by adding a different layer to my picture..
    and regarding designer furniture.. honestly, i cannot afford to buy a 20,000 knoll furniture...... i think if the knock off is as comfortable why not purchase the knock off (it's still $2,000)
    aimeeways, love this post u just did as I am tired off ppl who spread gossip..
    hope you have a great week

  10. This is a good message to be sent out into the world, Julia, especially from a female.

    Though sometimes gossip is awesome, for example, have heard about when... (just kidding)

  11. Hi Julia!

    Bless you for not being a "Gossip Girl!"

    Tagged you in my latest post. Please take a look?

  12. Everything in moderation... Glad you are not a gossip girl, so do I!!! xoxo

  13. Aimee, thanks for getting back at me :)

    Graham, thank you, really appreciate your words. And I like your goofy side haha :p

    Nina, daisychain and Leah, thank you, girls!!!

  14. Gossip can so quickly destroy people who should really be friends. And so many folks who do it are unaware of the terrible harm they cause others. Glad you're not that type & are thankful for it!

  15. Good for you!!! I'm all about celeb gossip (wish I wasn't) but there are some I don't care about at all. But I do make sincere efforts to not gossip in real life. Seriously.

  16. Gropius, sadly, but true. Soem people cause so much harm with it all the while thinking there's nothign wrong with it.

    Caitlin, it's always good when one understads and tries, you know, there are so many people who simply don't understand and don't feel responcible for what they do :(


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