Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fair Play

I've always been very concerned with everything having to be fair, ever since I was a little a kid. To feel comfortable and at peace, I need to know that people in my life put an equal amount of effort and energy into our relationships, I like to know that if I did something for someone I can count on them and expect the same treatment back... It's not because I like taking or like it more than giving, but because I was born with a fairness obsession. See, even I myself have no problem admitting it. It's not the easiest quality to live with, and maybe it's not something people should aspire for or value, but I'm thankful I have it, because at the end of the day, what matters is that I know my conscious is clear.


  1. A clear conscious is a very good thing! Amazing how some people have none.

  2. My dad told me this: "In everything you do, always ask this question... is it fair to all concerned?"

  3. Very nice post today, darling...

    I am thankful for fairness too.


  4. Excellent. That's very important. It prevents you from tolerating things that many people tolerate but shouldn't. Thank you!

  5. meeh too! oh, and i've been wanting to say THANK YOU for that one link u sent me about the japanese architects! i absolutely LOVE their lighting design and all the cool store designs they've done. thank you so much for that!
    and happy new year hun! <3

  6. I think that we learn this from home...so we shoul be thankful that we have great parents ^.^

  7. Michael, amazes me too.

    Leah, thank you for saying this! Your dad is a wise man, I think it's a great advice to give to your kid. Thank you!

    Carrie, thank you, sweets :)

    Groppy, great point! That, too, is a good thing - it's important to know what you're worthy of. Thank you!

    Aimee, I'm so glad you loved the link! :D And yay for loving things to be fair :)

    Etrapar, that and maybe genes too!!

  8. Great thing to be thankful for and to recognize is important to you. :)

  9. this is what I'm like/have always been like, too x

  10. Great to hear, as it's something I value in people a lot!

  11. I cannot agree more with you!!
    Clear conscious...
    You can fool everyone except yourself...


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