Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eggs & Chairs

I'm realizing I really have a thing for eggs, or rather starting to develop such thing. I'm totally in love with eggs as a food product - it's hard for me to imagine my breakfast life without scrambled eggs most days of the month; then we have fish eggs which I am so thankful for being able to have on the cheap (compared to most countries in the world); then there we have my dream shower and it's egg-shaped; then there's the famous egg chair, which I like and have been really wanting a miniature copy of lately... Then we have Wendy Brandes and her 'Chicken in Egg' locket, which I just LOVE (I could care less about the cuteness of the hen, but that golden egg just rocks my world, and the fact that it can be opened totally blows my mind). And so I was thinking about eggs a lot today (the whole Easter craze must have something to do with it too), and, just like with chairs a while back, I realized this new weird pattern of mine has already showed silent signs of developing before - I remembered being fascinated with this egg statue I came across in Barcelona...

Not too sure what to make of it, but taking into consideration that Salvador Dali had quite some obsessions and eggs were one of them, and Antoni Gaudi is believed to had thought of an egg as of a perfect form, maybe I'm onto something here! Only one thing is certain now - I am thankful for eggs!!


  1. ..It's definately because the Easter is coming : ) , I have been decorating eggs already , the empty ones : )but I'm waiting for saturday to make the real ones .. for most of people eggs are only 'food' but there is so much art around all the Egg things ..and the art is absolutely amazing , I even have some books about egg decorating art , it's unbelievable how beautiful they can look ..can't wait the easter because I love it and there is so much traditions to keep ..
    well , I like only egg yellows , it's very good at the moment because my daughter loves only whites so we have very good deal in the mornings : )))

    ..Love that shower as well ..very space ..

  2. That's so funny...I just posted about my co-workers chickens, which she keeps for eggs, of course. They taste sooo much better than store-bought eggs.

  3. Haha this is really interesting... I actually don't eat eggs - things made with eggs yes, but not eggs in their real form. I love that shower though and I have to say I'm thankful for all the delicious things that wouldnt be possible without eggs... like cake :)

  4. I love that sculpture... what a creative concept.

    Maybe you are really destined to be someone great based on your love for eggs... who knows?

    Have a great day Julia! xoxo

  5. I just put up my Easter egg tree...so eggs have been on my mind too!

  6. haha so cute! No one I know would think to thank eggs in such a dynamic way- from scrambled eggs to egg shower. So cute and such a glimpse into your personality.

  7. I love eggs. I don't even care if they smell like stinky farts! Haha! But that sculpture is awesome! I can see why you'd be fascinated with it. My mom told me a story the other day about how she left me and my friends at home when I was in younger, and the three of us ate 40 eggs instead of decorating them for Easter baskets. She had to go out and buy more! Haha =) Such a fatty!

  8. Btw, I just heard about the new bombing... I hope everything's okay over there, and these horrible attacks end soon. Stay safe hon!

  9. I love your post! Eggs are amazing! Have you checked out andy goldsworthy and his egg sculptures? They are fun, and right in line with your egg obsession!

  10. Ellinelle, what a perfect tandem indeed! :) I used to be just like you when I was little, I couldn't stand the taste of egg whites for some reason.

    Gropius, coinsidences all the way ;-)

    Elle, this is true though! A whole lot of meals would not be possible without eggs!

    Bo, egg tree though??

    Caitlin, aww I take it as a huge huge compliment, so thank you!! xo

    YJ, how come you think egss are stinky? They are not! lol Fresh eggs are not supposed to have any noticeable odors... You got me thinking! lol

    heart charlie, will do, thanks a whole lot for the reference!! :))

  11. Leah, can't beleive I just missed your comment! Omg :( But hey thanks! That would be cool to be soemone great haha And who knows, maybe the whole egg theory works and it's really soem sort of an indication? ;-)


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