Sunday, March 7, 2010


I love mangos, and so I'm thankful for mangos! Love them diced with Greek style plain yogurt for an early summer morning breakfast...


  1. I've been eating a lot of mangos as of late too. You should try dried mango or mango mochi. It's yummy

  2. Amazing... I was looking for an ideal picture of a summer breakfast this afternoon in my computer files, in order to post it, and the only one I found was a blurred one... of mango on a table!!!
    So weird!!

  3. Me too!! I just had mango applesauce an hour ago. Such a delight!

  4. I just had fresh ripe mangoes for breakfast today. Julia, you have to taste the Philippine mangoes. I tell you, you will be addicted. xoxo

  5. That sounds like a DREAM. What a great, great idea. Off to the market...

  6. Mangoes are my favorite fruit....great breakfast idea.

  7. I love, love mangos! The Philippines has the best ones I think.. oh and re: your last post - Dexter is amazingly creepy and I can't get enough ;)

  8. Khatu, I tried dried mangos, but somehow good ol' plums and apricots are still my fav dried fruit :)

    Guillaume, told you I believed in coinsidences ;)

    Leah, oh I bet!! They must be amazing!

    Graham, hehe wait till I suggest some other breakfast option :)

    Bo, thanks!

    Elle, I love Dexter but it seems to me it gets worse with each new season, the very first one is still my favorite!

  9. ..I absolutely love plain greek jogurt , I actually had in the morning , I like it with apples and a bit of honey of my favorite desserts ..
    ..Mango ..well , it just bring me back memory about my boyfriends dad , Mango chutney , Mango juice and Mango .I never liked Mango before but I kind of start like it now ..
    hope you had a lot of wonderful flowers ..

  10. Ooh hello! Mangos are something to be thankful for! Mmm... yogurth, honey and lots of rolled oats!


  11. Yeeayyy,,,
    I love mangoes as well
    Yumm Yumm,,,

    Yulia Rahmawati
    "Get Up,Survive,Go Back to The Bed"

  12. mango and greek yoghurt is indeed a match made in heaven. must buy mango later ;)

  13. I looove mangos, their good when their soft. Oh and I like the dried up mangos they sell in a lil pouch in the asian supermarkets

  14. Yummy. Diced mango with frozen yogurt. : )

  15. Here in Greece mangos are not that popular....but we have the yoghurt!!hehe


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