Saturday, May 1, 2010


You know what, regardless of what THEY say, I am thankful for having desires and for wanting things. We only desire beautiful things when we are healthy and feeling good. Once you get sick, really really sick, all you want is either die or get back to life, but you certainly don't wish for new shoes or a sports car - suddenly all fancy things don't matter any more, and all you want is health. So, all of the aforementioned makes me think that wanting things is healthy, therefore good for you. But just like with any thing out there, everything is only good in moderation though.


  1. Desire is good... in fact I have my want list, need list and must have list. I desire too much. Hahaha! Have a great day Julia! xoxo

  2. I desire too much....and too expensive bags and shoes!!!
    pass to my blog and follow me!
    xoxo francesca

  3. So TRUE!!! All you want when you're sick is to FEEL better, therefore making you that much more grateful for your HEALTH when you do have it.

  4. true again's such a blessing to be healthy but people don't really appreciate that if they are healthy ..Health is biggest desire just we don't talk about that loud I guess ..

    ..and I agree that every desire must have some limits because with no limits it's not really desire anymore but habit ..

    Ellinelle xxx

  5. I just read this to my Mom while we're having brunch because it's so good! Seriously, I have never thought of desire in this context but such a wise way to put it. (PS My Mom thought it was very good too)

  6. I've thought about this a lot before... When I studied Buddhism, the point is to quench the thirst of desire. To reach nirvana is to "extinguish the flame".

    But how boring is that? Fire and desire make life worth living!

    So here's to your desire, and to the neverending quest to fulfill it... !

  7. i desire eradication ov the new ^^^


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