Saturday, May 8, 2010

Most of My Life Isn't Real

I'm thankful for the days and nights that feel so good and real that all that was before feels just like a haze before your eyes and the bad stuff in your past just really doesn't matter - all that matters is you truly live in such a moment and the future seems so bright.


  1. ..I'm totally understand what you saying ..remember I wrote a while ago 'that after some time you will look back and everything will seem in different colours' : ) well , something like that but you know what I mean ..
    I also like that feeling and it's quite strange because something what was SO important( What made us sad , cry etc) 'yesterday' it's not important 'today' ..if I really think about that it's scary how thoughts and feelings can change , but it's all for good I guess : )
    I hope you enjoy your time with friends ..take care ..hugs ..
    Ellinelle xxx

  2. I agree. Love those moments when you can just let go and forget about the past! Fabulous.

    stay classy,

  3. yes indeed. Hey you reminded me the Orange advertisement- "The Future Is Bright, The Future Is Orange" :-)
    Take Care


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