Saturday, June 19, 2010

Breakfast Outside (Almost)

I'm thankful for the occasional opportunity to have my breakfast almost outside (I live in an apartment building on a 16th floor so this is NOT a given). Our kitchen has a balcony and whenever it's warm and sunny enough outside, I open the windows and voila - I'm almost on a summer terrace!..


  1. How lovely, darling!
    I adore dining al fresco!


  2. I love having breakfast outdoors. We did that everyday when we vacationed in Tahiti. Here in Hawaii, I guess I take that kind of stuff for granted. Hmmmm maybe an outdoor breakfast is in order sometime this week!

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. That's lovely... breakfast outdoors is such a rare treat these days. Happy weekend Julia! xoxo

  4. ..awww .. I love outdoors , especially breakfast or some shashlik for the dinner ( we did today actually ) weather was surprisingly nice so we eat outside and sunbathing as well ..
    ..balconies are great as well , It's like you said : ) almost on a summer terrace ..

    hope you had a great weekend : )
    Ellinelle xxx


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