Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Growing Up

Yesterday on my way to work I suddenly realized I've finally felt good about the process of growing up. I remember back in my official teen years getting older used to bring so much pain, struggles, tears and sadness that I couldn't help but fear the difficulty of being an adult... I realize now maybe it's just natural for some kids and teens to feel that wrong, and I am very thankful I am now finally doing all my growing and wising up without those depressing side effects! To me, I think this new phase marks my official adulthood. Oh finally.


  1. I'm thankful for the process too... you may laugh but I feel that up to this time in my life, I'm still undergoing the process. It's a lifelong thing I guess. Have a great day Julia. xoxo

  2. Can you pass some of that grown up mentality along to me? Ha!

  3. Yay for being an adult now! :) I love getting older actually. Definitely wiser as I age. xo

  4. Cheers to your adulthood Julia!! I'm so thankful for growing up too!

    stay classy lady,

  5. i dunnno but, I totally look back as a childhood and think to myself. . ."wow, i'm glad thats over" all the time. hahah


  6. ..oooh , I used to wish to be older in my teens : ) when I was 15 we made some false documents that we are 18 ; ) just to get in few places ..he he he ..
    ...BUT NOW , to be honest I wish time has stopped , I am so scared because time just fly tooo fast ..
    ..congrats Julia , I just noticed you have 99 followers : )

    ..I will definately have a part in your contest ..need to think a bit : )

    Ellinelle xxx

  7. I'm still waiting for that time when I can call myself a grown-up haha... I'm thinking it might just be an evolving process and it'll never really happen, but I'm ok with that :)

  8. Totally with you and I always think I've reached that point except sometimes as I get older I get a little downtrodden- but for the most part! I've got it down :)

  9. We all go through growing pain process. It does feel pretty good being comfortable with who we are and become. : )

  10. Isn't it amazing that once you are an adult those fears just evaporated?

  11. as an old adevrt said...some people get older and some people grow...if you really growing up you getting more wiser and you learn to live your life much better...

  12. Hello... I think those official teen years are soaked in hormonal fluctuations!
    ...Oh hang on, we're women... it's a lifelong rollercoaster!

    Yay that you feel this way!
    Life may be the longest thing we all know but in terms of living, it's the shortest thing! We shouldn't waste it sweating the small stuff.
    ...but pain seems to be a neccessary part of growth... otherwise childbirth would be a walk in the park and lying down would burn fat. :)

    I love getting older, I love growing up (the adult part is negligible though!!). Growing up is a neverending story thank goodness! I would hate to think that we get to a certain age and stop growing. Surely that would be worse than death?

  13. ...and, Julia, it just gets better with age!

    At 34, I am finally beginning to feel comfortable in my own skin...such a breath of fresh air compared to how I always felt so bad about myself.


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