Sunday, July 11, 2010


This summer marks my and the Netherlands' 10th footballoversary - 10 blissful years of my love and unconditional support of their beautiful play! It was year 2000 and the European Cup when I first saw the Dutch at play and fell in love with their graceful football, and it was them who inspired my interest in football and established my sophisticated football taste.

They set a high standard of the style of play for all the future football clubs I saw at play, and the only other team that was able to steal my heart was FC Barcelona. Keeping in mind this year's Spain VS Netherlands final and how many Barca players there are in the Spanish national team, today's final game is all the more remarkable to me. I hoped for this final and as much as I love Barcelona, when it comes to national teams my heart belongs to Holland. And no matter the outcome of the match, today I'm giving thanks for and celebrating my love of outstanding football. Happy 10th Footballoversary, the Netheralnds!


  1. Listen to you talking about sports! I never would have guessed. I'm getting that way with baseball, where I could have never before imagined myself getting all lovey dovie over people and their balls.

  2. Everyone here at home are rooting for Spain. I think I'm the only one for Netherlands. I'm glad you are too. xoxo

  3. Although I supported Spain last night, I felt so bad watching those poor NL players at the end of the match. Bless them. Let's be thankful that we were able to watch 2 great teams play.

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