Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Highlight of Yesterday

Just imagine the situation: we're sitting there on one of the Red Square's cafe's summer terrace/patio, having our lovely breakfast, talking, people watching... Yet another group of tourists passes us by, this time Asian tourists (I never found out what country exactly they were from). Then, all of a sudden they stop, and at least 5 of them pull out their cameras and start taking pictures of us from all angles, giving us the thumbs up and screaming "Beautiful!! Beautiful!!" in broken English - and it lasted for at least a minute or two! This was very unexpected and a little weird, but very funny and kind of flattering nonetheless, and I am definately thankful for the laughs! This was the first time I truly felt like a celebrity out on the town, ha ha!


  1. Ha ha- Can I have your autograph?

    I once had someone do that to my first monkey when he was a baby- My reaction was not so much to laugh-

    Now I can laugh about it and 'be thankful' but at the time I was totally like 'Um you didn't even ask- where do you get off!'

  2. How fun!! What a great experience. :-)

  3. Ahahaha! That is awesome. Well it IS called for... you ARE beautiful! xo

  4. Hahaha, i know what you mean!
    At least these people made you fame and important
    for the day. You are really gorgeous, darling!

    P.S thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the
    sweet comments!

  5. Well you're a gorgeous woman so I guess this is to be expected.

    Those tourists are lucky you're so nice; you could have easily told them to eff off! haha

  6. haha, did they ask for your autographs? That's too funny BUT then again I saw the image of the spot you were at and I know how pretty you are so I can see how it all came to fruition!

  7. Ron, you were the group of Asian tourists? :) No problem then, we had a good time laughing lol


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