Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Life Saver

You're gonna be laughing... I'm so thankful for my incredible everlasting positive attitude!!! I don't know how I do it, but even through the darkest times I manage to remain optimistic and this is how I keep saving myself... from myself.


  1. having a positive attitude is always a good thing. i'd rather be surrounded with people like you than those who are pessimistic.

    keep on shining!

    - joy

  2. And you know what??
    Your positive attitude is communicative Julia!!

  3. Thanksssss so much for your encouragement! It really means a lot =)

    I super appreciate your infectious positivity!

  4. ..hey Julia ..that is one of the best qualities , because negative thoughts will get us nowhere ..Positive people are winners , I think it's great if in the most darkest day you can see the ray of sun : )

    Ellinelle xxx

  5. Your positivity is so contagious... I hope you'll inspire a lot of people to be like you. Have a great day Julia! xoxo

  6. I'm thankful for your positive attitude too Miss Julia! Your page is always a breath of fresh air! Life is always better on the positive side :)

    stay classy,

  7. definitely not laughing at you! I do not comment lightly and I mean what I say when I tell you that I"m always amazed at the things you manage to be thankful for, even when you're down. It's a strength for sure!

  8. So very true---you are amazingly positive and all around the world we appreciate you sharing that. It travels!


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