Thursday, July 1, 2010

Newly Opened Malls

I'm not going to express the opinion of the most here, but I don't really like sales. The point being, if you need for something to go on sale to get it, you either don't even like it that much or maybe you shouldn't try to afford it. (You don't have to agree with me!) But anyways, this is just an introduction to the new thankful post - I'm thankful for newly opened malls! Nothing like a huge spacious almost empty building where you can wander not hurrying anywhere, not hearing any noise or screaming, and where you have al the hoice you need and everyone is still polite.


  1. ..I guess I will express myself in this comment : ) for me I can't be in big shopping centre longer then 1 hour maximum ,my eyes start hurting and I feel all dizzy and I just wan't to run out in fresh air ..I don't like sales either , I am very spontaneous buyer , I don't really like to search for things , because in that case I will not find anything and will get something I don't need and I dont actually like be honest I like small boutique style shops - it's a pleasure ..
    ..and ..when I moved to UK in our town , they just started to take off buildings for a new massive mall ...and now after 4 years it's finished and opening while I am away : ) I 'm looking forward to cinema and new coffe places more then shops to be honest's just crazy when I think 4 years for one shopping centre ..and so many changes in my life ..

    have a great day : )

  2. yes! my boyfriend and i don't like sales, too. not to be snobbish or anything but we don't like buying things during sales. because chances are if you buy something in a sale, you'll run into someone with the some top or dress at a party or an event. how embarrassing!

    definitely, maybe

  3. It's sale season now and like you, I avoid the malls. I don't want to shop on sales because I tend to buy things that I really don't like and need that much just because the price is marked down. Have a great day Julia! xoxo

  4. Where everyone is still nice... so funny! And true. Once people get used to something it's easier for them to be rude. I just got an awesome bathing suit from Talbots that was 50% off. Got it on the online sale though! Avoided the mall entirely.

  5. I don't think I've ever been in a new mall! Sounds delightful though. And your "sale" idea is disturbingly accurate..

  6. Here in NYC we don't really have malls and I'm thankful for that!


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