Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Body Modification

Thinking of it now, I'm thankful I'd gone through the phase of being into getting body piercings when I was still a teen. It would be much harder to pull off some of the "looks" now taking into consideration my office job. Nevermind that it's illegal to get those if your under 18 without your parent's permission, I actually think it was wise of me to be done and over with it back then.


  1. Ah yes much a greed- things I thought were "so coool" when I was 18 are definitely not anymore... So wise to get these things out of your system early I think!

  2. haha piercings are most certainly a phase. you're right, its better that you got it overwith earlier

    xx lue

  3. hello precious
    I've written before and after a great text, I lost the connection and everything written.
    Tell you I'm grateful to have listened to my parents made a few years, I wanted me some tattoos and pondered and finally let me advice.
    Today I am happy with the decision that once I took it gratefully like you.

  4. ..you know I must been a wierd teen because I never really wanted to get piercings or tattoos : ) but it's true what you say that it's better in teens then later when it's just don't look right ..

  5. haha totally even though i still like my belly button ring and I'm still glad I have it,even if just for me. But I'm so glad I never got a tattoo... so so glad. I just knowi would hate it now.


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