Saturday, August 28, 2010

Color & the Metro

Most trains in the Moscow metro are classic and not too modern, but we have a few types of newer ones too. Some of those newer trains of certain design feature yellow and orange handrails. They're my favorites - I'm thankful for those two pops of unexpected color, those ultimate mood lifters that are sure to provide you with some extra energy on an early working day morning!  

Each time I happen to catch one of the few trains that feature this 'clever' design it puts a smile on my face, and because those trains are rare it's allways a nice surprise.


  1. ..I can only imagine those trains as I never ever been in metro ..
    ..but I can tell you one thing - if you ever want some kind of exotic , come to Riga and have a ride with one of those Riga trains ..oh my God , maybe you can imagine - those old , dark green I think ..we only have those and I am surprised they are still moving : )I even wanted to take my bf there - a bit of a reality check : )))

    ..hope you having a great week-end ..

  2. p.s about that floral jumpsuit : ) I never bought it , I just couldn't bare the thought that my daughter will think that her mamma wearing pyjama on the street ; )))))

  3. that's so cute that you notice that to be thankful for. Now I want to google an image of these! Anything to make mass transit more enjoyable is a-okay with me

  4. What a fantastic practice. I hope it rubs off on all of us.

  5. hi julia!

    sorry if i haven't visited lately. been busy with work stuff. but thanks for always finding time to visit my site. really appreciate it :)

    anyway, you're lucky that trains are colorful and nice to look at in russia. i think that's something that our government should look into.

    enjoy your sunday!

    ☆ definitely, maybe ☆

  6. I love this post! I would be thankful for something like that. :-)


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