Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hold His Feet While He's Asleep

I'm thankful for being an owner to my dog! I'm thankful I can hold his feet while he's asleep (he's a really small dog so this is easily possible), I'm thankful I can tease him and squeeze him until he starts growling cutely, I'm thankful I can shave half his fur off when I think it's too much - he wouldn't quite let anyone else do any of that. And I am thankful that after all of that, he still actually loves me.


  1. Hello darling!
    I just want to say that your blog is amazing, and I love reading every single post. I know i've said it before, but you just had such a wonderful idea and ran with it!

    It really makes me appreciate the littler things in life.

  2. Aww.. dogs and cats are wonderful to have in the family.

  3. As my pooch gets up there in the years, there is hardly a moment that goes by when I don't give thanks for her. So many little nooks and crannies about our pets, with which only we as owners are initimately familiar. I love to watch Flanders when she's curled up in her "U" asleep.

  4. That's because pets (dogs especailly) are amazing. I love everything you described and I can't wait to own my own dog (so far, just family dog). I love "growling cutely". :) Okay, my comp time is up- i will talk to you next week!!! Have a good week/weekend!

  5. ..awww ...that is so sweety Julia ..dogs are so amazing with that loving quality they have , it's such an unconditional love they have for their owners .. must see movie the ' Hachiko '..but take a tissues : ) it's such a touching story ..

    ..well , but maybe it's just me , last week I cried in Toy Story 2 in the very end : ))) oooh God ..


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