Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Night Sky

I'm thankful for the stars at night. It could've been made that we wouldn't see them, but they're bright enough so we do. If you just take a moment to really think of it, it truly is amazing! And what about all the wickedly cool star constellations?

Nevermind that I can only find the Big Dipper (here we call it the Great Bear) and sometimes the lesser one too on my own, it's still pretty awesome to know there are so many more of them out there. Can any of you actually spot other canstellations up in the night sky? Do tell! I might just invite you to a star gazing party if I ever host one, ha!..


  1. Stars are pretty. I caught one falling the other day. Apparently it is/was that period of falling stars.

    My husband has a mania with the constellations and planets. He can tell you a few things if you wanted to know. :)

    Thanks also for your recent comments to my blog. I've been slack in responding to the comments lately :O :)

  2. ..stars are wonderful ( I think now is shooting star month ), well - last weekend in LV was 'star rain' , I couldn't see here because of never ending clouds obviously ..
    ..I can recognize big bear as well and small also , it's wierd that there is 2 exactly the same ones , but one is big and other is small ..

  3. Oh Ive seen the Big Dipper as we say here.Many falling stars but not to much else.But you know isnt it awesome looking up there at night for me that in itself is lovely.

    Have a great rest of the week!

  4. Only see the great bear too tonight !!

  5. Oo I like the name great bear much better than big dipper! I can't remember the last time I looked up and saw stars... sad! I may be getting out of the city this weekend so maybe I'll see some then.

  6. TOP.. Love the stars:)

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  8. I love taking the dude out at night to look at the stars!

  9. When I was a child I used to love looking at the sky with my telescope. It's so funny how simple things like that can bring you joy.

    I miss being a child.

  10. Once again we have a poetic coincidence. I just logged on to my computer after star gazing. I was up on my roof about 10 minutes ago, looking up and counting them.

    I was inspired by the movie "A Beautiful Mind" — There is a scene where Jennifer Connelly takes him to a ball, and they go outside and make shapes in the sky. Do you know it?


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