Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Teach You, Teach Me

Back in school I really disliked and disrespected some of the teachers' approach to their job. Teaching is a hard work, and it was hard for me to understand why someone who is impatient and can't get along with children would want to be a teacher. But at least seeing bad teachers at work made me feel grateful to those rare ones who had real knowledge in their field of expertise, real passion for sharing what they knew and real talent in explaining the virtues of their subjects and really educating their students

With this being said, a huge enourmous thank you goes to my physics teacher in high school - Irina Vladimirovna S.! (Not sure if I should mention her full name). As for college, my sincere thank you goes to my civil law professor Daniil Viktorovich Ch. And if I'm being completely honest here, there's something I most probably should and do feel ashamed of before these great people and exceptional teachers. In a way, I didn't live up to their high expectations of me, and maybe I should've never put effort in gaining their trust and respect in the first place. Thank you so much and I am sorry.


  1. Aw, this is such a lovely tribute. Teaching must be the hardest thing, I'm thankful for the gems - the ones who make up for all the other awful teachers.

  2. ..awww ..that is so sweet from you remembering your teachers , I think they would be proud of you and I hope they read your blog because they could see every day how educated and just nice person you are ..'s also great you wrote this post on 1st september , it made me feel so nostalgic of school - every first school day a lot flowers around the city , isn't it : ) here is nothing like that - I never seen a school kids take flowers to the teachers ..I actually love all the typical autumn's flowers ..awwww ..
    ..talking about teachers - I had some amazing ones and this is a hard , nerv wracking job they cope with us : ))) he he he

    Ellinelle ..

  3. I feel the same way about some of my profs I got close with. I don't think I am fulfilling the potential they see in me, but the fact that they believe in me lets me know one day I just might.

    -and thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  4. As a teacher … in arts, an humble advise.
    Teaching is only a small part of my professional life..
    You have to be involved in reflecting on every student’s project as if it was yours. Students have to fell this.
    The most difficult is to make students reflect and act as we do as professionals.
    Develop imagination, search quickly in many ways how to improve their idea, find their own(each student)way and technique, etc….. and achieve at time.
    Evaluate each student’s ability, push them to climb higher on their way but also not too high where they could fail . When they fail in climbing, says that it does not matter ….as long as they are students. It will be less easy to fail in working life.
    And if they fell like wasting their time, tell them that studying time is a precious and fortunate one compared to the working one they will enter.
    And always a sincere “Good luck!” at the end of the year…

  5. every teacher must see this like more than a job!
    family and school are the most important issues for a child to figure its personality at the right direction...

    And i can remember a teacher that really has been unforgettable to me...hope you are well Mr.Thanasis M.!

  6. I know great teachers and others who can really sink their studies.
    They are people, human beings, their likes and dislikes and use their power to promote or not their students.
    Education in Spain is pathetic, the worst of the European Union, should retrain as is necessary.

  7. @Anonymous (Phil), if more teachers were like you the world would definately be a child friendlier place and a better place with more people dedicated to education! Thank you for being more than just a teacher and being so involved with what you do :)

  8. As a college professor I can honestly say that I wouldn't ever think it was a waste for my students to put time & effort into a relationship with me. It enriches both of our lives, no matter what you end up doing after we part company. I'm thankful for the thoughtfulness of your post.

  9. To jeune premier:
    « it is a job “ is not a pejorative sentence for me:-)
    “do your job” means “do it well”, in a way I am paid like for any other work(painting or illustrating) “jobs”. I have to do it well, if you do bad one will see it
    When I enter the class, I leave others parts of my life outside, and I ask the same from students (not listening music with headphones, no phone text message to friends, lover, etc.).
    The most boring part in class time, is discipline, tell to few students to work, not to chat, etc.
    I prefer to explain and help a student than to repeat continuously, “be silent , please”.

    I have many memories my studying time. And remember the teachers I liked.
    I do not try to do their way. It took years to find my way to teach, to feel honest and pro at doing it, I keep on trying to improve. I received from some teachers, now I give.

    I honestly think some teachers do not use their “power”, to promote or not.
    I never have favourite. If a student is good, you spend less time with him, it allows you to spend more time with the ones who needs it.

    Thanks you Julia,
    I don’t think my students should say I ‘m friendly...Only when they are no more my students, years after, they are persons with whom I may be friendly.
    As a student I was surprised by teachers who did as if they were a kind of friend-teacher. I remember the teachers , or persons, who helped me to climb were not always the most “ friendly”, and some “friendly” ones become the most “nasty” ones.

    I respect them and I wish they will respect me.
    Respect does not depends on the age, but on experience. I often say to students: “The experience of the teacher is not to have the solution, experience is to have been hardly trained, in everyday work, to search and find a solution to so many different problems”.
    When I see a student searching with the first sketches, I already see the many way to find solutions. I suggest some: “ and if you should move this, or add this , etc”
    My work is help and push him/her to find himself their solution.
    A satisfaction of this job is to see someone’s mind and ability evolving.

    It is in teaching like in my job.
    You spend an hour to help a student, …and sometimes nothing good happens
    You spend an hour to sketch for your job,… and sometimes nothing good happens.
    One has to admit it.

  10. Julia...this post came on the right time, wanna know why? cause today's my Teacher F.'s birthday! :)

    And i still regret for not being abble to try harder on her subject...i could have done much better but at the time it seemed to be impossible to me.
    Anyway i still thank every day for having her as my teacher, i'm so proud of being her student and hope she's as proud as i am for her for being my teacher. She made the whole diference in my college years. I'll never forget what she did for me.

    :) I've spoke to her today on gmail's chat.
    Teachers can change lifes!

  11. hum.... yes, I also felt that some teacher must be disappointed by me jumping right into family... :P Instead of going to China for presentation, conference, seminar...... research more human/artificial intelligent technology. :P

    But that's life.... ~ expectation, succeed, fail, disappointed...... throughout the course of our life journey!!

  12. I totally agree! There are some teachers that I will never forget...and some who I can't even remember right now. Teachers don't realize what a big part they play in their student's lives...great thank you!

  13. @Anonymous (Phil), I recieved your other comment in my inbox as a comment notification but it never made it to this page for some reason! Anyways, thank you for the super insightful comment and I must say, I agree with everythign you say wholeheartedly!


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