Monday, November 29, 2010

Book Update: a HAPPY Collaboration

In the hopes that all of those who celebrated had a great holiday of Thanksgiving, I'm here to share some exciting thankful news and info while you all are still in the thankful spirits! And if the holiday is not celebrated in your country, you should know by now that it's never a bad day to give some thanks.

So, how about we talk some happines today? If you're not familiar with "Happy" yet, it's about time I introduce you! HAPPY is a documentary that takes us along on a journey all around the world in search of what really makes people happy. The movie uncovers the "secrets behind our most valued emotion" through a combination of interviews with the leading happiness research scientists and real life "ordinary and extraordinary people". 

Happy people behind HAPPY share my belief that gratitude plays a huge role in shaping your happier frame of mind, and I am more than happy to finally let you know that Derek Silvers, who is the transcriber and does all things publicity for the movie (and who you might already know via the Happy Blog), and Roko Belic, the HAPPY director himself, both personally contributed to the upcoming thankful book by yours truly with their thankful thoughts!

And although I can't yet share the outcome of our thankful dialogues and there's no official movie release date yet, there's something you can get your hands on almost right away - HAPPY is available for pre-order! I believe Derek can explain all things happy better, so you can read more about this limited time deal (and so much more!) here

Ahh, who's just as excited as I am?!.


  1. Oh that's very cool! There is enough happiness to go around, and it is contagious! Thank you for always sharing yours.

  2. thank u for sharing this post with us

    love this post and love your blog

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  3. How exciting and wonderful! I felt happier just watching! I hope this gets the wide release it deserves (fingers crossed :)).

  4. Wow! Very exciting! Gratitude and happiness are contagious! Thanks for sharing yours!

  5. What a perfectly lovely concept!

  6. Ooh...a thankful book? Wow, that's great! Where will it be published? I hope we get a chance to read it!

  7. such a lovely concept for a documentary!

    join my

  8. It is the coolest thing which I could read this morning!
    Great!!! :)

  9. haha!, well let me add my excitement today, although it's already April! Congratulations, this is so cool! I'm really happy for you!


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