Friday, March 11, 2011

Thankful Resources

I am off on vacation to recharge my thankful batteries this Saturday, and thus I apologise in advance - not having regular internet access at my resort destination will definately prevent me from being a frequent vistor to your beautiful blogs! Should you feel the need for something thankful in the meantime, in the best traditions of the lovely Shannon Eileen's Happiness Is... blog, I'd like to leave you with some thankful links to various thankful resources I came across or was introduced to via the great world wide web:

1) I Gift Thanks is an iPhone application that lets you "instantly share your custom crafted photo thanks around the globe via email, Twitter, text message or post that message for all to see on the gift giver’s Facebook wall".

I found them because I realized I was on their blogroll, which was more than super sweet of them because they never asked me for anything in return - I just saw visitors coming from a new http once. Thank you, guys!
2) Chances are, you already know Thxthxthx - Leah Dieterich's online gratitude journal and there's a book coming up! Leah's "mother always told her to write thank you notes. So she does. To everything. thxthxthx is her daily exercise in gratitude." Her thanks are fun to read and her readers appreciate the honesty and opennes with which she expresses them daily.

3) I Like Your Gratitude is another online thankful effort made by Van - "a little texasian lost in the midwest with unsatiable wanderlust and a desire to change the world" whose blog is about "karma and good vibes, and spreading the happiness and love she's been so fortunate to come across". 

If you visit, tell her I said "Hi" :)

4) ThankfulFor is simply your best bet if you want to start your own gratitude journal but for whatever reasons not ready to start writing daily in a physical notebook or not so into the idea of keeping up with a personal online diary, a.k.a. blog. So go "start your very own daily gratitude journal or see what everyone else is Thankfulfor in the public gratitude stream"!

Hope all of you have a great weekend filled with beautiful things to be thankful for!

P.S. The image above is taken from one of Leah Dieterich's thanks here. Yes, I sure do wish for a whole empty row of seats on my flight tomorrow!


  1. Enjoy your vacation! I'm sure it's been well-earned.

  2. Lucky! I love when no one sits by me on the plane! btw - you have totally inspired me to write down once a day something I am thankful for... two weeks now - going strong! Thank You!

  3. Have fun on your vacation!! I can't wait to see the photos ;)

  4. that note is fabulous and so on-point!!! I always am hoping for an empty row though one hasn't appeared in years! Safe travels my dear and have a WONDERFUL trip, wherever it is that you're off to <3

  5. Nothing better than an empty row on a long-haul flight. Hope you get one too!

  6. have yourself a great little vacation.

  7. haha, I love it- the note!! ^^

    Hope you enjoy your vacation and have tons of fun!!

  8. Enjoy and thank you for including us on your page!
    Jen from

  9. I am already following i like your gratitude :) Thank God i had some time to websurf a little and read all the blogs i enjoy! Have a nice week! :)


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