Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Suggestion: Take the Time to Appreciate Your Pet Today

Our pets are always happy to see us and love us no matter what, maybe this is why it's so easy to take this appreciation for granted. I suggest we all pay it forward immediately and take the time today to appreciate our dogs, cats, fish or what have we! Even simply watching your pet sleep, or watch it watch you, just looking at it and admiring it is guaranteed to fill your heart with love and gratitude - at least I know it works for me!.. 

And as I realize now I don't know how many of you actually have pets, and whether most of you are cat or dog lovers, I'd appreciate it if you introduced the animals in your life to our thankful community!

Video by Matt Wiebe


  1. I definitely went to my Dad's house on Sunday to play with the family dog who I no longer live with. I cuddled her up all day and it was amazing. Pets are THE best!

  2. Visiting from Miss Caitlin's blog. I like what you are doing here--we defintely need more thank yous and it starts with me giving them.

  3. ..I am a cat lover , I love them so much when I was a small girl I used to feed all the cats around and end up with 10 coming back every day for food ..I love cats independence and beauty ..

    ..and reading this I miss my cat so much who gone missing last Christmas :(

  4. I love this clip so much. I am forever grateful for my 3 dogs.


  5. My pets get more appreciation than they deserve! :-)

    Lazy, naughty little creatures.


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