Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thankful Jewelry

Another way to practice gratitude might be via wearing 'thankful' jewelry, that can serve as a great reminder of life's blessings. I've been thinking of getting something thankfully special that would be very me, and while I am still searching and contemplating here are some of my finds on Etsy:

Would you wear something like this to show your gratitude?


  1. These are beautiful and so clever! I especially love the two banner ring in the last photo.

    I hope you're having a wonderful week, Julia. xoxo

  2. ..beautiful creative cuties :) I love the ring , would be a statement piece with those words on it !

  3. Very clever. I can see the women in my life liking these.

  4. I would! Especially the cuffs, because I love simple, silver bracelets like that for every day wear. :)

  5. oooo, I want the double finger ring!! So cute and such a sweet message.

  6. What lovely finds! I really like the necklace - it's so unique.


  7. These accessories are lovely. The double finger ring is so cool.

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  8. very creative i love them all
    you did an awesome job hats off ^_-

    takcre , MAisy ^^

  9. I would absolutely wear these pieces. I really love that necklace. I like having little reminders like this around.


  10. Wow! Just stumbled upon you via Google. Thank you so very much for including our ring in your post. What lovely finds all promoting gratitude. xo, MJ

  11. It's just like that ribbon thingie you put on your index finger when you want to remind yourself of something you have to do. The ring is just more specific! It reminds you to be grateful of the everyday things that make life beautiful :)

  12. Love those... showing gratitude and looking chic at the same time.
    xo Rachel


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