Friday, February 17, 2012

Thankful Calendar: Get It or Win It

I remember back when the Thankful Calendar 2012 was still in the works, I was wondering if I (or anyone, for that matter) would get bored with having to read the same message of thanks every day for the whole month. It's only now when I have it on my desk and see it every day that I realize just how refreshing it is to be reminded of life's little blessings in such a subtle manner. It seems each time I read the quote, I see it from a yet another angle too, it's making me think more than I thought it would... And 'February' is so heartwarming too!

Now onto some other good news. Me and Stelie Designs are giving away one Thankful Calendar over at BonBon Rose Girls blog! Do not hesitate to come enter.

And if you happen to win, or if you got your Thankful Calendar already or planning to get one soon, take a pic of it on your desk and send to thankful.project(AT) I'd love to see the calendar travel the world and share its adventures with the rest of the community! 'Cause you all are just so thankful awesome.


  1. I hope I win it! I have the perfect spot for it on my desk!

  2. Congratulations again on your new project Julia! Will definitrly join the giveaway :)
    Anyway, is this your desk? It's so neat!

  3. Good luck for the giveaway, the calender is gorgeous!


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