Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank Your Mom

A very sweet and heartwarming video from Michael Marantz and his team, who went around New York City asking real people on the street to say thank you to their mothers: 

"So many terrific responses, some unexpected, some adorable, all brought a huge smile to my face."

What would you thank your mom for?


  1. I would thank my mom for her selflessness. She always goes above and beyond for my siblings and me. It amazes me.

  2. The unconditional love... And being my biggest fan :p Hahah.

    Happy mother's day to your mom! :)

    1. Haa, I love this!

      And thanks, although we don't celebrate it here ;-)

  3. Everything!!! But most of all, putting me and my sister above all the rest. Will forever be grateful to her for that :)


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