Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gratitude: the Tattoo Edition

Having come across other grateful people with thankful tattoos, I, of course, had to share. Maybe I'm biased, but I just feel like this kind of ink has extra meaning, and seeing these photos just makes me wonder what these people's stories are...

 "and I thank you" - via flickr user alexjadekershaw

 "think & thank" - now this one is mine
"Grateful" - via flickr user benzismama


"Grateful" - via flickr user maroen777

"Thank you thank you..." - via flickr user HeadOvMetal
"Thank you" - via flickr user Buonline
(I'm sorry to this guy for chopping his head off - nothing personal, just that I don't support smoking and find cigarettes aesthetically unpleasing. See full photo here.)

And a bonus guy "thank you" tattoo photo!

So what do you think? Would you want to hear the stories? I mean, I might as well go ahead and ask.


  1. I was just about to comment on the cigarette thing when you posted on my Instagram ;)

    By the way, June is the No Smoking month here in the Philippines!

    1. Every month should be a non-smoking month! Lol And what a cool commenting coincidence :)

  2. I like the "grateful" tattoo on the foot the best! :) But I do wonder about the story behind the bald guy's tattoo.

  3. ..what a great selection Julia , it must be quite hard to find something like that favorite of course is yours :)

    1. Oh, you're so right, it is hard to find cool thankful stuff! If you know what I mean by "cool" lol

      And thanks, haha You don't have to like it, but I'm glad you do! :)

  4. Hey there!!
    As i was googling "thank you" tattoos i came across your webpage and saw my image there.
    Im the last one with the "aesthetically unpleasant cigarette" in my mouth.
    I must add, it isnt a "aesthetically unpleasant cigarette" but a "aesthetically unpleasant joint" im smoking there.
    In any case, i think beheading is a rather severe punishment for smoking.
    Maybe i should tattoo "sorry" on my other hand.

    No but seriously, that took alot of internet searching to compile. Great job and...

    1. Haha, hi there dear Anonymous! :)

      Seriously sorry for having to have done this to your photo and for having mistaken the joint for a cigarette, but... I just had to! Kids might be watching this space, you know :)

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and for leaving a comment, appreciate it!

      Best wishes to you and your cool tattoo and Merry Christmas!


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