Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Friend Request

Oh friend requests, we all get enough of you in these tech days!..
I certainly don't mind people to be "friends" with me, it's flattering at the very least. What I don't like is getting a completely random one: I have no idea who you are, I've never even heard your name, don't know where you came from and what brings you to my profile, and on top of all, you don't even bither to provide at least some sort of a clue as to what it's all about... Now why would I want you as a friend?
My Facebook account is a personal thing, and I would decline a request like that not because I'm such a bitch, but because I'm not going for the number of "friends" on my list, but rather care about the "quality" and prefer to know who my contacts are.
This was the reason I decided to "hide" my last name on here, at some point there were just too much to decline. But, a while ago when I got the request pictured above, I took a minute to think of a way to turn this the expirience into a thankful one in dedication to this blog. With that being said, I'm honestly thankful for the attention I get on the web, even if it's just because you like my picture, ha.


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  2. I don't know if you had already spotted this or if you had planned to let people know your surname, but you say:

    'This was the reason I decided to "hide" my last name on here,…'

    And then you've not removed your name from the photo?

    Thought I'd let you know just in case.

  3. Thank you, Toby! This was done on purpose though, I know you can see both my picture and my full name. I'm not hiding as it is, just removed this information from my public blogger account :)


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