Thursday, November 12, 2009

Miami, Summer 2007

I'll never get tired of being thankful for my Miami trip in the summer of 2007 - I can easily divide my whole life into before and after this amazing experience. Today, however, I'd like to honor the people I met there and the memories we share. Thanks to:

Alessandra S.
Alessandro S.

Andy B.
Andrey K.
Anna D.
Anna K.
Antoine L.
Anu M.
Barbara P.

Benjamin E.
Benoit L.

Charles D.

Dave A.

Fred H.

Irene B.
Laetitia D.

Laurent L.

Leon E.

Leslie B.

Louise-Marie M.-H.

Malwina Z.

Margit K.

Mario T.

Masha S.

Nello S.

Nicolas G.

Nicole F.

Nina P.

Nino V.

Paula S.

Sabrina F.

Sarah F.

Savo J.

Tatiana M.

Teddy B.

Tereza K.

Ursi L.

Vilma K.

Vincent C.

Yulia K.

P.S. Big thanks to my parents who paid for the trip - it's especially memorable because it was the last time I traveled on their expense.

/photo courtesy of a friend of mine


  1. Ohhhhhhh that was such a good Xperience!! thank you too julia!!
    Benj E.

  2. I heart Miami! I moved here earlier this year and have fallen in love with the culture, the constant sunshine, and of course the beach. I'm thankful for being here : )

    -Tara @ Innovate

  3. Ah good for you!! I'd say enjoy it to the fullest! LOVE this city :)

  4. Thank you too for being a part of our unforgetable trip! I dont know why but for me that trip was also something that devided my life in my mind into two prats. its difficult to say wheather it was so because of the age or because of the trip itself, but it is so definately. Masha

    1. Masha, it was truly a great experience! For all and each of us :)


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