Tuesday, November 3, 2009

She is... Beyonce

Oh can I just say thank you to Beyonce? I went to see her in concert yesterday (she's on her "I am" tour now) and oh boy, what a great performer she is! So giving, so genuine, such a charming person and she can definitely sing live. Thanks, Bey, for the great show and for such warm and positive vibe!

P.S. The above photos are taken with my iPhone, so this is the best quality I could get.


  1. That's great! Concerts are sooo good. :)

  2. Arty, especially so if performed by great performers! :)

  3. Someone said to me the other day, "I miss the days of divas. There was Aretha, Whitney, Chaka, Bette, Barbra, so many. Now there are none."

    And all I could say was, "What are you talking about? Beyonce is a diva for all times!!"

  4. I have to agree! Now that I've seen her perfrom live I can confirm her diva status! lol Would also add Christina Aguilera to the list.


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