Friday, November 6, 2009

To Mark

I am so thankful for your friendship. You're so unique in your very own way. You're so British in many things you do even without noticing it, yet I came to realize your Britishness never annoyed me as it used to happen with other English men I knew, instead it makes me smile and appreciate you more. Amazing how we've been friends for so long now - I coudn't ever imagine it lasting that long and us making it 5+ years when we first started talking! Amazing how we're so different yet we always have so many things to talk about... And boy, do we talk weird stuff sometimes! There are things I wouldn't even try discussing with someone else, as they seem quite narrowly specific, but I would rush to send you a quick message about (what's with all those home-made meals photos?)... We've grown to have our own chat topics and inside jokes, and at times it truly amazes me how so many years after we can still talk so much and can still discuss peanut butter :-) Somehow with you all those topics never get old, and I feel blessed to have realized how much our friendship means to me, and I'm glad you're here to hear me say all of these. Thank you for being a friend I can truly count on, Mark! With you I can be sure that no matter what I say or do you're not going to turn your back on me.
Happy Birthday, Marky!
P.S. Hey, I typed the word "quite" correctly!.. :p

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