Saturday, November 7, 2009

With a Smile on My Face

Yesterday I woke up smiling and couldn't remember why. Amusing feeling, and especially so since it doesn't happen often. So I woke up smiling and felt very thankful for this amusing life's little gesture, and then thought to myself it probably meant that something was about to transpire... A few hours later I find out my blog is featured on Innovate! (So thankful to Elizabeth!) That made my morning smile even bigger and appeared to only be a start of the day full of smiles and very positive events. Oh, thank you!


  1. That's fantastic Julia. Your blog is very influential. :)
    It isn't always easy having a positive outlook if life but if we try hard enough, I believe the rewards are great.

  2. Thank you, Arty! It's definitely not easy. Sometimes you're all positive and next second something happens and you're just feeling miserable... But what one's to do, you get back up again ;-)

  3. My sequin leggings aren't that itchy but they aren't as tight as it should be...... but short for some reason...
    Maybe u could go a size larger?

  4. Thanks, Aimee! I was starting to also think that, so hopefully they have the right size next time I'm there :)


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