Friday, December 4, 2009


I realize that I'm just so very much thankful for contact lenses. Oh thank you, with you life is so much easier!


  1. Yes, contact lenses are convenient and clean up our facial outlines. I am thankful for LASIK eye surgery that ended my dependence on contact lenses over five years ago, which means I should thank the folks in the USSR who invented RK surgery which led to the LASIK procedure, if I remember correctly! Keep up the good work, Julia, and find plenty to thank this weekend! To be young and happy at 22 means being young and happy at 44, 66, 88, etc.

  2. Husband has worn the same pair of contact lenses (that were disposable by the way) for waaaay too long. I wish he'd take better care of his eyes. :(

  3. Contacts are convenient, yes, but glasses are even more so. I finally, finally found frames that I like last week. No cleaning, dry eyes, running out of saline, etc.

    Ever wear the colored contacts? I wore blue ones in high school :D

  4. @TreeTrunkRick: Thank you for your kind feedback!! I definitely agree with what you have to say. And congrats on the surgery, I'm also considering it, but later in life. Right now, I'm just really satisfied with my contacts :)

    @Gropius: Oh, one needs to be careful with that, it can get very unhealthy :(

    @Graham: Congrats on finding the right frames! I'm still searching, but even then, I'm not ready to trade my contacts for glasses... For dry eyes I use those awesome drops:

    You wore blue ones? hehe :) Well, I remember I always wanted to try wearing colored contacts, wanted hazel and purple at different times in life, but since I have this rare eye structure thing I can practically only wear one type of contacts and they just never had the colors I wanted... Now I grew to really like my own eye color. (But don't ask me what color my eyes are - I have no idea! lol They're like greenishly grayish with blue tint and light brown circle around the pupils... haha)

  5. "greenishly grayish with blue tint and light brown circle around the pupils"


  6. Yes, I'm not really sure what one's supposed to call that color? :)


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