Thursday, December 3, 2009


There's this one thing about me that some find amusing, some admire and some loathe. I'm kinda very honest. It's been helpful in life, it's ruined things... I've felt proud because of it, I've been ashamed, I've been confused. But I've always been thankful. Honesty is my art. It's just what I'm good at.


  1. I'm thankful that you are honest... that means that you were being truthful every time you comment on my post. Thank you!

  2. So sweet! Honest is important in life of any angles. I love honest people!!!! who don't..

  3. What a great blog. Thankful I came here!

  4. Hanh, thank you!!

    Gropius, thank you and welcome :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my page :)

    Those 'shoes on the right' are Aldo brand. I got them on sale, however the material must have shrunken up because they feel 2 sizes too small! lol

    I need to get them stretched.

    Ttyou again,


  6. Mel, 2 sizes too small sounds painful lol

  7. This one I really, really relate to.

    I think honesty is an amazing quality when paired with politeness (savoir faire, if you will). Since you have both of those qualities, it's a good fit on you. It's also the reason I look forward to your comments, because you tell me if you don't like something!

    You're awesome.

  8. Aw, Graham, YOU are awesome! I totally agree on the politeness thing - honesty gets tricky and becomes rude when you can't be polite. You have both those qualities too, so I imagine you can definitely relate.

    I also always look forward to your comments, you always have the nicest things to say, so who wouldn't? haha <3


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