Wednesday, December 16, 2009

iWrite Notes

I'm thankful for my most frequently used iPhone application - Notes! I write so much and so often that putting down my thoughts wouldn't be half as easy without it!.. I write at home when taking a shower, while eating my breakfast, in my bed at night, I write on my way to work and at work, I write in the metro and in cars, I write when out in clubs, I write at grocery stores and when eating out with friends, I write while walking down the street and shopping for clothes... I write whenever and wherever inspiration strikes me.

If you happen to have an iPhone too, what's your favorite app?


  1. That sounds amazing. I don't have an iPhone...wish I did! I used to carry around a small voice recorder to put down melodies I come up with so I don't forget :)

  2. I don't use an iPhone...I have all stuff from Apple but not the iPhone. Hahaha!

  3. Now I use mesg/text a lot!! :) Oh, I like whatever I downloaded for my kids so they can play w/ those game and give me a peace of mind in the restaurant, stores, ....etc. :) IPhone is awesome, oh, I also like the MAP which I can look up for a number very quick if I know the name of the stores!! Well, I don't have a fav. but in general, I love iphone!!!

  4. Shannon, I totally see why you would do that :)

    Leah, I'm the complete opposite haha :)

    Rachel, agreed! I've never been as satisfied with my phone until I got my iPhone - I can't even imagine switching to another cell phone! It's funny though, I have NO game applications installed lol


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