Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Writer's Challenge

To me, the most difficult thing about this blog of mine is having to update every single day. You know, sometimes you're just really busy, sometimes something happens to the internet at home, sometimes you're just very uninspired, sad, angry... Things happen. I wouldn't have it any other way though. Because, firstly, the whole idea of the project would be doomed - everyone can be thankful once a month, but it's daily gratitude that 'takes you places', and secondly, I realize it's a great challenge for the writer in me - I really have to try and put my thoughts into words and preferably do so at least somewhat beautifully. I'm thankful for "The Thank You Project" being a daily project and helping an aspiring writer (me) in need of additional practice.


  1. Being able to write quality blogs daily is not an ability many of us have. You do it so well :) And I hope you accomplish what you set out to do from day one.

  2. Best of luck with your goal! I'm so thankful that I have a partner as posting every day would be tough I imagine. : )

  3. you can do it! i have faith. again, i love your whole idea of the 'thank you project'

    have a good day! xx

  4. You're right - it IS a challenge. I'm the same way with my blog. But it definitely holds you to something that you can be proud of.

  5. See, you can always have something to be thankful of. I'm thankful for this project too, it opened my eyes to a lot of small daily stuff to be thankful for. Thanks to you Julia!

  6. I'm thankful you're doing it too! You do a great job.

  7. Remembering anything daily is big....actually doing what you remembered you needed to do is HUGE! so major kudos to you for that. You are also an inspiration to me, each time I read your blog I think of something, regardless of how my day was, I too am thankful for.

  8. @Arty, thank you so much!! Kind words like those definately help me stay on track! :)

    @Kristin, thank you! Posting every day is definately not easy and not always a good idea, but this blog just doesn't work otherwise, lol Good luck to you and your partner! Not only does it maybe makes things easier (although I am sure there are challenges too), but keeps things new and interesting within the blog, giving different perspectives.

    @Pia, thank you!! :-)

    @Shannon, indeed! Makes you more disciplined maybe too... Hopefully :) haha You're doing a great job on yours - always find so many interesting things to share!!

    @Leah, aww! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This means A LOT!! :D

    @Gropius, THANK YOU! :)

    @Cricket, thank you bunches!! Aww, so many kind words!!

    @ALL - HUGE THANKS TO EVERYONE! You guys made my day :-)

  9. i love the idea of your blog!


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