Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let's Hug It Out

What's better, a hug or a kiss?

I'm all for hugs, I might even be a bit obsessed with them when it comes to the very few people I hold close to my heart. Even when it comes to romantic relationships, if you can't give me the kind of a hug I like, I doubt it we'll get any further. A hug just really makes me feel good, loved, appreciated, cared for and desired... I'm thankful to whoever is responsible for coming up with the idea of hugging!! Yay, let's all live the hug life!


  1. HUGS for me... I can feel the love with tight hugs.

  2. Kisses are great when they're done right. Hugs are less inclined to mishaps.


    Personally I'm an over-hugger, and usually try to push the handshake to a hug even when I'm not sure it's appropriate! So we'd get along fine.

  3. I was just having this conversation today about people you greet through professional association...The trend here now is to kiss, but yew... Would much rather have a hug or handshake. And you're right, for a lover, if you can't give a good hug, that's it for you right off the bat. Husband was a good hugger. Important!

  4. Shannon and Leah, glad we're on the same page! :)

    Graham, I really can't argue with kisses being great when done right thing! And lol at an "over-hugger", I feel you :)

    Gropius, I agree, when it comes to being professional handshake is best, in my opinion. I love that comment - "Husband was a good hugger. Important!" haha :)


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