Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Body

Oh my Gosh. After 3 days of hard work on my bedroom (I'm redecorating it all by myself), I'm finally feeling really really tired.

- 1st day went surprisingly well, and even though it's not often that I move and disassemble furniture, remove plinths and otherwise strip my room off things for 8 hours straight, there was no muscle pain the next day;
- 2d day I woke up feeling perfectly energized and got down to applying masking tape and painting walls, which I've never done before and thought I'd be all sore after, but there was only a little soreness in my back the next day;
- 3d day I still had plenty of energy to do the second layer on three walls and two layers on the fourth wall... And only after I was done the tiredness has arrived.

Still, all this made me realize how much I'm thankful to my body for being so fit and being able to handle all of the above. 8 hours of hard work for 3 days in a row - even I didn't expect I'd perform so well. I guess all the hard work in the gym and at home with barbells and such really pays off, ha. People, do your body good, work out!!


  1. Congrats! I hope you share your freshly painted room with us. :) Need to inspect if you did a good job, otherwise we'll send you back to do it all over again lol. (Only joking)

  2. Post some photos of your new dreaming room. I tend to make a huge mess with large projects and want to avoid the clean up like the of those starters and visionaries but not one of those finishers who makes it round out into perfection. This sounds like a well thought-out project!

  3. lol, Arty! :) It's not really finished yet, as it's not furnished - it's empty right now. But if I did a good job, I'll think about sharing :)

    Well, Gropius, it is a well thought out one! I've been meaning to start for like a year now and kept drawing what I wanted it to look like, so real happy I'm finally working on it! :) And I like that - "dreaming room" Hmm :)

  4. hello. i love what you are doing with your blog and how your recording every step of the way.

  5. Way to get that work done!

    Good for you.

    As for fitness, I think I'm doing a pretty good job.

  6. Looks like you do :) I still have some stuff to paint, btw haha


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