Thursday, December 24, 2009

Up For Grabs

I had always enjoyed being single and couldn't really imagine myself being really committed to someone for a longer period of time until a few years ago. I remember I met someone and knowing him just put me in a slightly different state of mind - I thought it could actually be fun to give a relationship thing a try. Still, I couldn't imagine myself being in a relationship with anyone I knew back then... Until I met someone else and all of a sudden I hated being single. To make a long story short, somehow I fell in some sort of a rut and not even being committed to anyone I subconsciously started living my life like I was single no more. No wonder it was a strange and a confused period of time! I'm really thankful I noticed my weird patterns and changed my ways back to being content with my singlehood.


  1. Cheers to being single and being content with singlehood. I admire your attitude.

  2. Thank u so much dear!! :)

    I'm also single and I know how you feel.
    Somedays it's pretty cool and you think "thank god I'm single" , but somedays I can't stand it anymore... It's confused.

    Merry Christmas
    Enjoy being with the fam...


  3. What a wonderful project! I wish I had found your blog earlier in the year! Are you going to continue this in 2010?

  4. Wishing you a truly magical christmas xxx

  5. The uniqorn, thanks, girl! Merry Cristmas to you too :)

    Michael, hi! Thank you a lot and I'll get back to you in a minute at your blog :)

    Daisychain, thanks! You have a great one too!

  6. I don't know why I started chuckling when reading this... maybe because I relate. I think the expression "the grass is always greener on the other side" applies here. One thing is for sure: the single life is more fun and full of surprises. Being in a relationship closes you off from talking to people / flirting / etc.

    PS. I changed the photo in my last post for you. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Haha, I guess that's why I'm single! I want to have my cake and eat it too! Can't see myself settling down with someone who can't understand my flirty nature and know and trust me enough to understand that I'm the most loyal girlfriend ever... Being in a relationship shouldn't close someone off from the things they like as long as both parties are respectful to each other. Just my opinion, of course :)

    P.S. I've noticed!! How sweet of you :)

  8. i think it's important in a relationship not to loose who you are. My sweetie and i seem so similar to the world and yet we are so different. i was once in a relationship where i was whatever he wanted, when we broke up i had no idea who i was or what i even liked to do. I'm thankful that i value myself enough to always shine through.

    For all things fashion:

  9. yes you're right being single is just the best you don't have any commitments or problems with boys haha.

  10. Missy, I know what you're saying. It really is important to be able to stay true to yourself at all times.

    Melmo, I'm not implying it's the best thing of all, just saying that everything is good enough and you have to enjoy whatever you have when you have it :)

    Cricket, well, after all, I'm doing it for me... One really need to be content with whatever they are and have ;)


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