Saturday, January 9, 2010

Big Hair

Freshly washed and blow dried big hair inspires me. This is kind of weird but I'm thankful - I would never refuse some inspiration!..

Okay now, usually I wouldn't do this within this blog, since the purpose of it is pretty clear, but being all filled up with gratitude and gladness over the following, I'm giving in! So, absolutely amazing baked goodies artist (because this describes her best) Ms. Humble of Not So Humble Pie has presented me with an award and tagged me to share 10 things about myself. Let me tell you, being one of the 10 chosen bloggers out of 1462 Humble followers feels so special! I so not expected to see my name there.

10 things about me, in no particular order:

1) I was growing up knowing I wold be a singer until at 14 I realized I had absolutely no skills whatsoever. It hurt back then, I'm over it now.
2) I'm very practical and rational when it comes to falling in love and love has never been blind to me.
3) One of the nicknames given to me by the boys back in school was something in the lines of 'Miss Cold-Blooded Tranquility'... Tough, eh?
4) I like English more than Russian.
5) I don't like talking in the morning and would rather have my early breakfast in silence.
6) I'm a very physical person, touch is extremely important to me.
7) I love to learn but I don't like to study. Go figure.
8) I've had the same cell phone number ever since I got my first cell phone. Talk about being loyal!
9) I hate it when people are jealous of me, reasonably or not.
10) I'm honestly a very thankful person.

In turn, I need to tag 10 other people, but like I always add in such cases, do it only if you feel like doing it! Here's your award, guys:


  1. Great info about you my Russian friend. It's always good reading these tags about ppl. You learn a lot. :)

    Lucky me for being tagged lol. I'll do my best to do it :)

    Big hugs.

  2. i lover all of theese random facts, great post!

  3. Arty, looking forward to reading your 10 things!

    Carrie, oh yes!!

    Stephanie and Jade, THANK YOU both!

  4. This is a very cute post, and great blog! I love your theme of "thankful posts!" I too, also wanted to be a singer and the whole nine, until I realized there was no way I could be in show business. Thank you for your comment!

  5. I am just like you at #6...i find very important touching people...actually i'm doing it when i feel someone close to me...
    Thank you for the award...i'm going to prepare my next post...!!!

  6. Thanks Julia... Sorry I missed this post. I was on the road to SF the other day and I got the chance to check my blog and my google reader just today. xoxo

  7. It's okay to miss the post, I just didn't want you to miss the award :) Have fun in SF!!

  8. AWW THANK YOU SO MUCH BABE! i'll be sure to fill out my 10 things soon.

    the bear ring was super duper cheap! about US$10.

  9. You're welcome :) Looking forward to read more about you!
    p.s. That ring is a great find!

  10. Julia, thank you so much for tagging me. So sweet of you! I love my mornings in silence too :)

  11. Thank you Julia!! I'm honored!! :) I love your #1 answer. And I'm the same way with #5 and #8 :) xo

  12. I thought you'd definitely understand me on the 1st :) Yay for the same 8!! It's not often that I meet someone who's just like that :)

  13. What a Goddess you are...thank you so much! I truly treasure your blog & appreciate your mention! Tomorrow's writing project will be my list of 10. Thank you for the opportunity!

  14. Studying and learning are two completely different things; I too despise the former!! :)

  15. Aw, Groppy, you are very welcome! Looking forward to reading your 10 things :)

    Cafe Fashionista, true, a lot of times those are different things!

  16. This was a funny post! (the blow dried hair portion)

    The singing aspiration was fascinating to me, since I just took a singing lesson yesterday. What style?

    #10 made me laugh for some reason.

    Awww, THANK YOU, Thanksgiving Girl for the tag. I noticed you put us in alphabetical order: very clever ;)

    I'll have to think about how I'd answer these questions!

  17. Haha, thanks for noticing! :)

    Wow, you took a singing lesson? How cool is that! Best of luck with it :) And I wasn't really stuck on a certain style, I just wanted to sing... I'd still love to be able to, but it's just not given to me lol

    Yes, I didn't want you guys to know who I thought of first :p


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