Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gangster's Paradise

I've decided to do a series of thankful posts on my most favorite music - both songs and music videos. Just because I love music and believe that our favorite shapes us too, which is always a good thing to be thankful for. So, one of the very few of my most favorite songs ever is "Gangster's Paradise" by Coolio (unexpected, eh?). So many years after I've heard it for the first time it still sounds fresh to me and I still experience the same emotions from listening to it. I love the message. I'd say it's put simply, but it's oh so true. Back in my more or less troubled and depressive teenagehood I always felt I could relate in a one way or another, and I love it how the song always made me think. The lyrics can be found here.

P.S. I sinserely believe one doesn't have to grow up in a ghetto to be able to relate to a rap track like this one. To me and to those who really listen, it has a much deeper meaning.


  1. Music is wonderful!! It's one of my favorite things! It will be great to see your favorite songs.

  2. i'm looking forward to your favorite songs!
    this one is taking me back at school....it has been so many years...so much of memories...

  3. You know this was one of my favorite songs in high school, but I haven't heard it in about 10 years. I'm looking forward to hearing your other favorites.

  4. Good song, but I'm more thankful for the Wierd Al Yankovich version: Living in an Amish Paradise.

  5. Nice, Julia. I wouldn't expect this to be one of your faves, but will look for the other meanings! Mother of Style, I remember that Weird Al version. Funny indeed.

  6. I'm not really into rap but I read the lyrics and it is so real. I love it too.

  7. I'm very interested now to hear your favorite songs. This is a classic 90s track (with a great Pfeiffer performance). I also like the Stevie Wonder original.

    Interesting point you brought up about "ghetto" music transcending culture. This is something our parents' generation could not understand as we listened to songs like this.

    PS. Your last comment is my new favorite comment ever :)

  8. @Mother of Style: Ha, I don't think I heard the Wierd Al Yankovich version! Thanks for mentioning it, I will check it out :)

    @Gropius: I know, I thought it would be seem to be a little out of the blue lol

    @Leah: Honestly glad you liked even if you're not into this type of music!!

    @Graham: Yep, she's good, I watched the movie too. Not sure now if I can remember the S. Wonder original, will look into it! And uh oh, mister, you're raising the bar for me! Now how can I possible make another comment even better, hmm... Haha, you're a sweety :)


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