Friday, January 29, 2010

I Belong to You

Another one of just a few all time favorite songs of mine is "I Belong to You" by Lenny Kravitz. I'm thankful for it because for so many years now it's been making me feel so good. Nothing like listening to it in the ambience of the morning sun and letting it fill you with such calming inner sunshine...


  1. this is a beautiful song. thanks for sharing Julia.


  2. Thank you for the trip!
    Almost FIVE minutes of pure happiness... just flying away :-)

  3. I love this song. Memories.... hahaha!

  4. Thank you! Always look forward to your next words of thanks

  5. I love this song too!!Lenny is great...his concert before 2 years was a night to remember!!!

  6. Glad you guys like the song too, I think it's so incredibly beautiful, sunny and calming :)

    @Guillaume, you are far too kind, thank you so much :)

    @Sinful Southern Sweets: Thank you!

    @jeune_premier: Oh glad you had a chance to see Lenny in concert! I'd like to see him live too.

  7. One of my all time favorite, favorite video-song combos! Lenny was at his peak on this album. It was right after his mom died, and when he chopped his dreads. Great post :)

  8. Coinsidences, coinsidences, Graham, here we go again :) Thanks for the info though, I didn't know about the lock thing being connected to his mother's death...

  9. Saw Lenny in concert years ago. He was fantastic.

  10. Groppy - another lucky Lenny concert goer!! :)

  11. love it. he's a hottie tooooo. especially for an older guy :)

  12. OMG ...LENNY KRAVITZ ..I addore him and the SONG is just beautiful ..I been to concert few years ago and it was amazing , he have such passion in his songs , I love everything , lyrics , melody , the power of his voice .. oh God , that night was high ..high..high ...I felt like in different world ..his music is like drug for me , honestly ..
    and in the end of concert was song
    'all of my life
    where have you been
    I wonder if I
    ever see you again '


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