Monday, January 4, 2010

Sleeping In

I woke up at half past noon today and really didn't like it. I hate sleeping too long and waking up too late! But I am so thankful I woke up with no headache - my usual company if I accidentally use the chance to sleep in when I'm presented with such opportunity, like today. I mean, I have stuff to do, and I'd rather get to being busy with a clear head!


  1. I cant stand sleeping for too long,
    I'm usually awake and up at 6:30am!

  2. I can't sleep too much...i want to have the day ahead..!!

  3. Welcome home. Having no pain and sleeping in are two things to surely be thankful for!

  4. Hi Julia!

    Slept in a little bit too. I was a little bummed yesterday so I treated myself to a longer lounge-in in bed. We all need that once in a while!

    PS I would love to visit Moscow someday. I'm crazy about Russian dancers and their training. I'm also eyeing a visit to the Kirov. When, when, when, will I be able to pull that off?!

  5. i get a headache if i sleep too much. have a great day. : ) xo

  6. I am very thankful whenever I get to sleep in late. It is always welcomed!

    happy new year! your pics are always beautiful.


  7. It's good to wake up late once in a while. I'm a morning person too Julia.

  8. Love how Gropius summed it up - "Having no pain and sleeping in are two things to surely be thankful for", exactly! Goes to prove everything is only good in moderation :)

    Mel, thank you very much! Honestly very happy you find my pictures beautiful!


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