Sunday, January 3, 2010

Up in the Sky

I like flying, and being inside a plane up high in the sky even makes me feel relaxed and peaceful - it's the only public place I feel absolutely comfortable sleeping at. That alone is a good reason to be thankful, since I know people who are scared of flying, but thinking about planes reminded me of this absolutely spectacular flight I had recently. I was flying back home to Moscow from Barcelona and the experience couldn't be more gorgeous. At first I kept seeing tiny boats navigating in the open seas, then amazingly beautiful, weirdly shaped clouds, closer to the end of the flight I was presented with a show of setting sun... But the most amazing thing was this round rainbow pictured above. I'd never been so close to one before, and I'm thankful for the most beautiful flight in my life so far!


  1. What a spectacular view.

    I'm flying tomorrow and it'll be a 14 hour plane ride. That is a bummer, I love flying but I hate long flights.

  2. Ohhh!!!what a photo??!!
    my last plane trip was horrible,flying back to Athens from London!hope next at a few days to Paris will be better!

  3. Beautiful! I love flying too. Just had the most vivid flying dream the other night...I think it was because I just watched the movie, Avatar :) xoxo

  4. it feels good to look down and see blue blue sky that much closer. : )

  5. Leah, longer flights can be too tiresome, I know! In my case it really helps that I'm petite - I can sleep pretty comfortably curled up in a plane chair lol

    Jeune, hope you have a flawless flight to Paris and back! And the best trip of course too :)

    Shannon, I haven't seen the movie, but just a trailer is enough to be able to imagine what kind of a beautiful dream one might see after!!

    Savvy Girl, indeed! :)

    To incredible skies and magically beautiful flights in 2010 everyone! :-)


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