Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tree Silhouettes

Trees are beautiful creations, and no matter how much I love palm trees, there's this one thing I appreciate more about other trees - tree silhouettes and the sight of the sun lingering through a tree's branches and its leafs. I am thankful I get to see this beauty.


  1. Gorgeous post, darling!
    There is so much beauty in nature!


  2. I adore tree silhouettes as well. I'm putting a forest silhouette decal on my wall one of these days! :) xo

  3. i love tree silhouettes too! there's something so incredibly dreamy about them

  4. These are your photos!?
    The second one is so stunning I thought it might be stock photography!

    It reminds me a bit of this scene from "Only You". It's a very corny movie, but it's classic Robert Downey and Marisa Tomei...

    PS. Thank you for that last comment. I'm pretty sure it's the nicest one I've ever read! That wall was orange, but I changed one of them to green just for fun.

  5. I really love you'r blog and I hope you'll have a great day! Hugs.

  6. Aw thank you everyone, happy you like the photos!! :) All taken by me, yes. The first one's taken in Russia, and the second one in Italy.

    Graham, thanks for the link, I've never seen the movie before. And aw, you're so very welcome :)

    L.P. Thank you, have a lovely day too! :)

  7. Beautiful photos & post. I love silhouettes in nature. A tree is so gorgeous at night if there is a landscape light shining on it from below. Several huge oaks covered in Spanish moss were illuminated like this in my parents' old neighborhood. I always made an effort to drive by.

  8. Gropius, true! Artificially lighted trees are awesome too :)


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