Saturday, February 6, 2010


I am thankful for my most favorite book ever - "A Hero of Our Time" by M. Lermontov. I remember when I first got my hands on it I was about 13 and I couldn't stop reading it... I read the "Princess Mary" part 3 times in a row. The book is short but intense, a written psychological thriller at its best, or at least to me it is. It really is not for everyone though - I happen to be the only person I know who's that crazy about this mind wrecking work. What can I do, I love my characters flawed, torn and contradictory.

For some of the quotations from the book check here, or you can download it for free here (very decent translation - I checked). And when I started "checking" I ended up reading the whole thing again...

What is your most favorite book, and why?


  1. Good question Julia!
    Difficult to answer... I think that I really don't have one favourite.. In fact, the first experience of reading certainly is the more intense : "le petit prince" St Exupéry, "the old man and the sea" Hemingway. I love John Fante's books, Paul Auster, Luis Sepulveda, John Irving, perhaps "The world according to Garp"... and the french author I like for his 6 first books is Philippe Djian: "37°2", "Bleu comme l'enfer" , "Maudit manège" , "Lent dehors" and so on... and so on... I'm gonna think it over a little bit more and I will find the chosen!

  2. Will have to check out your fave book!

    I love Summer Crossing by Truman Capote :)


  3. that sounds a great book to read. i'm not into psychological thriller but i'm kinda full love novels and sci fis. i think i might check that out.

    thank you for sharing.


  4. I will check out this book... I'm a big fan of psychological thrillers.

  5. oh wow. that's a difficult question, bookworm that i am ;) i still can't say what my favorite book is but i'm currently finishing the percy jackson series.

    anyway, do you have a shelfari account? leave your url in my blog and i'll add you up :)


  6. Betz, the Princess Mary part is actually a love story, just a different one :) So I think you migth enjoy reading it.

    Joei, I don't even know what shelfari is? :)

    I haven't heard of or read some of the books mentioned, but I'd be sure to do some reasearch and see if I want to read them, so thanks for the ideas :)

  7. ..thank you so much for visiting my blog and THANKS for comment darlin .. the thing is I do talk russian as well ..I love music from Dima Bilan to Angelica Varum and more more more ; ) love the lyrics and everything in russian music..favorite book ? I have so much favorites ..but I do love Alchemist by Paolo Coelho - it just makes you think after you have read it about everything .. also his book 'wich of Portobello' is very intelectual cant actualy understand anything when you reading it ,but the THOUGHT of this book is wonderful ..have a nice day lovely ..

  8. I do enjoy a book that can really get into your head. I will check your recommendation out after reading the quotes. My favourite book is Perfume, it's so dark and strange, I did see the film, but it just couldn't conjur up the same feel as the book.
    Have a super Sunday x

  9. @ellinelle: Wow, I had no idea :) It's funny how people always talk about Coelho and I haven't read any of his books. It seems to me I don't feel like doing so because people talk about him too much lol I'm weird like that!

    @North West London Girl: I know what you mean! Books are almost always better than movies, I haven't read this one though yet.

  10. the book sounds interesting; i definitely will have to check it out the next time i enter a bookstore :)

    my favorite books are the outsiders, perks of being a wallflower, and lullaby. although i wish i did have more time to read. lol

    & i'm glad my comments give you a pleasant surprise haha

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  12. I love to read. Sooo many excellent books out there. My favorite book of all time is Henry David Thoreau—Walden. What can I say? I’m a nature girl & love Thoreau’s transcendentalist take on the world. Fiction pieces I love: Watership Down, anything by Toni Morrison, A Land Remembered.

  13. @Audrey Allure: Blogger never notified me of your comment again lol

    @Gropius: I'm kinda the opposite - never liked too much nature descriptions in books lol

  14. You sold me on this book. You really did. I'm going to read it starting today.

    Wait a minute, did we both do posts about books on the same day??

  15. Wow, G :) This is awesome! Tell me what you think of it once you're done reading :)

    And well, this post of mine was more or less inspired by yours, so I guess it means I "cheated" on the coinsidence thing...... lol

  16. I have to check this book immediately!!i trust your taste....i'm more classic at books...crime and punishment remains one of my favorite books....

  17. Ahh I love Crime and Punishment too!! It's among my favorites :)))

  18. Finding a book you love is a sincere gift!


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