Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little Joys of Life

I'm thankful for all the little joys of life and for being aware of what cheers me up and makes me feel happier. I was tagged by For the Fierce to do the "10 Things that Make You Happy" thing a while ago, and so here goes:

1) ambiance of the morning sun
2) nicely served big nutritious breakfast
3) getting text messages from certain people
4) new exciting opportunities
5) hugs
6) putting my thoughts into writing
7) traveling
8) being with the people I love
9) meeting new inspiring people and making new friends
10) putting together a perfect outfit

Not all of the above depends solely on me, but I do numbers 2 and 6 daily. What cheers you up and makes you happy?


  1. ..goodmorning my lovely ..there is lot of things what can make me happy ...hmm..from outside ,you know ,the silly material things and some cravings but the most important thing what makes me happy is peace of mind, when I know that my family is all right ..I don't see them too often so it's everything to me - health and happiness for my loved ones ..have very lovely day ..

  2. I love your list Julia. If I begin telling you mine, then I may not finish as I have quite a long list of things that make me happy. I am such a happy person I guess. xoxo

  3. Great list! Sometimes in the rush of life to be the perfect mother, wife, daughter, etc...I forget to just be me. It makes me happiest when I remember to take a moment out of my day to do something kind for myself. It also makes me immensely happy to bake for other people :)

  4. I like your list! A big breakfast cheers me up everytime too. In fact, any food at any time of the day will do the trick! HAHA!

    I'm glad I could help out with #9. :)

  5. Thanks, guys! Glad you liked my list! I like your answers too. It seem that just by asking this one question you can get a good idea of what a person's like.

    Paul - haha! :)

  6. So true, darling!
    Love this list, especially #3!


  7. What a perfect list! Playing with my lil' dude makes me happy on a daily basis!

  8. I think the thing that most cheers me up is my little sister hugging me the moment I come home, after a really stressful day that is something which gives me a lot of energy.
    And then the sun! It's been raining here, in Rome, for almost all month long!! And then.. in the early morning when i'm waking up and hearing the birds sing next to my window..:)

  9. Kristin, hehe they call it a bundle of joy for a reason eh? ;-)

    Café Naïveté, what a beautiful answer!!!

  10. I have to agree with 2,7,8,9 & 10. Especially 2 because I think breakfast is the first meal of the day & should be a wholesome one! & putting together a great outfit makes me feel good. =)

  11. Good idea! and very good list -I'm not sure to understand the tenth...
    I like sharing a good meal with family and (or) friends. I like discovering new places. I like to feel in peace -because of the self-challenge :) I like open discussions.

  12. For The Fierce, I'm obsessed with breakfasts, so I couldn't agree more - definately the most important meal of the day!

    Guillaume, I like your answers too! Discussions are awesome.

  13. being with people you love is the greatest thing...in my opinion...it makes you feel so "full"...

  14. Nice :) You do #2 daily? Wow - I'm impressed! xo

  15. Love everything on your list, nothing like a sunny day! although I eat breakfast, I should start.

  16. Treasures of happiness! The daily reception of my dog in the morning and afternoon when I get home from work makes me happy. Hearing Husband and D-man laugh, knowing I can hang out in bed and read for a few hours, blogging...all make me happy.

  17. great list! i'd add napping in the sun, cuddling, and warm, chewey chocolate chip cookies to my list :)

  18. hey girl, sorry for the late response. life is feeling just a little too unorganized and crazy, ha. aww this is a cute one ! the things that make me happy ... definitelyyy good weather, and curling in bed with a bowl of jello and my favourite tv show :D

    xx lue

  19. I want to steal your list for myself because I like all of it - yessireebob! :)

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  21. Shannon, yes! I'm obsessed with healthful living and having breakfast daily is a staple :)

    Frits Rincker, is this the official request then? lol :)

  22. cool post

    i like 5 6 7 8

    hey i need hug from u haha


  23. your list is my list too!

    awesome blog dear :)

  24. Great post. #6 is evidenced by this blog, and #2 is evidenced by your gorgeous figure.

    I think it's important to encourage positive thinking, and sharing a list like this is particularly helpful. We all need weapons to fend off that ever impending serpent of sadness.

    From this list I give #5 a high score. Coffee is also a small, easy thing that boosts my mood. Just not more than 1 cup at a time! And, oh yeah, how about music? Maybe a Pharrell song works for you and me both :)

  25. PS. A friend of mine is working on a sound system that generates mind altering mood vibrations. Supposedly it's based on serious research and has the potential to change your mood depending on the track you select. I think it sounds a bit scary, but I'd also be more than willing to try it!

  26. Graham! Thank you, you're as sweet as ever :) 5 is a definite mood booster! Too bad I don't do enough of it lol A Pharrell song is always nice, indeed!

    What your friend is working on does sound scary, but might as well turn out to be some groundbreaking invention! Although I wouldn't be willing to try it until I see you try it first and get out alive lol


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