Friday, February 19, 2010

Mutual Appreciation Society

Blogosphere is a very rewarding place, it turns out. The amount of positive vibes I've been getting from fellow bloggers is probably even more than the amount of it I've tried my best to be giving away all this time! The bloggers I've met really seem to be very appreciative and supportive of each other and this is a beautiful thing to be thankful for.

Thanks to North West London Girl in the Country and her husband for being so sweet to appreciate my "virtues of blush" comment - I am now the happy follow up winner of her giveaway (yay), thank to the folks at GOOD for featuring me - this came totally unexpected in my morning email today and the recognition means a lot since I love their website, thanks to lovely Caitlin and Audrey Allure who happened to tag me at "7 facts about you" thing almost at the same time - I am still planning to do it only with 7 facts about the 'Thank You' project, thanks to For the Fierce for the award and "10 things that make you happy" tag, thanks to Guillaume for quoting me a while back - that was lovely, and last, but not least, big thanks for a few other recent recognitions which I should not speak about!


  1. Oh I just found your blog and it seems a really nice project. We need more positiveness in our lives and your blog certainly has a good cause!!!:)
    Sending you sun from Rome and keep up with the posting;)

  2. So coool to be quote by you too! THANK YOU VERY MUCH !! :) HiAAAH !!! :))
    You know I really appreciate your posts, and especially the genuine personality emerging from it.
    Your theory seems to be will go a long way! ;-)

  3. Hi Julia,

    Like you I have been trying to blog everyday, I think I may have missed a week and that was when I was overseas withno access to the WWW.

    For me it has been therapeutic to some extent.

  4. mangocheeks, well, for me, if I have any sort of a break it would mean I failed lol It's a tough challenge, but thankfully I've been making it so far!

  5. Yay for our little blogosphere!!

    Congrats on your awards, darling!


  6. Love the friends I meet in the blog world... totally makes me happy! You are one of them dear Julia. Congrats on the awards! xoxo

  7. it keeps surprising me everyday how people around the world can come together via blogs!i'm glad that i've found many people to share my thoughts...and i'm thankful that you are one of them!

  8. I 100% agree with you!!! Gotta love the blog support ;) I also meant to tell you I found your comments on my blog fascinating! About your experience at the gallery show, the idea of a price on creativity, your experience, your opinions and how they changed. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! I definitely think of your comment from time to time, it makes me think as well, so thank you!!!!!!!

  9. Feeling the blog love is a good thing! I have thoroughly enjoyed blogosphere relationships. And you, my Russian dear, have a treasure of a blog to read! Thank YOU.

  10. Julia, I can honestly say I read EVERY word that you write and typically that is rare; because I hate reading. LOL. But this is a great project, you inspired me to be thankful for something new, everyday! :)

  11. i agree. i enjoy meeting fellow bloggers in the blogosphere. reading all of your blog entries and your comments on my blog truly make my day :)


  12. Yes it's by yves rocher. But not yet mine ;) It's a giveaway. And i hope to win, because of the nail polishes! Love the colors. You should give it a try in the summer time :)
    And thank you for your lovely comments!

  13. Leah, you are definately one of my dearest blogger freinds too! xo

    jeune_premier, thank you! I am happy to have you as a blogger friend too!

    heart charlie, thank you so much!! You saying it means a whole lot :)) xo

    Gropius, thank you bunches!! You're always so supportive! Definately one of my most treasured blogger friends :)

    I am Khatu, aww!! THANK YOU! I am flattered to hear such thing :)

    Joei, thank you, dear! :)

    Pingu, best of luck with it! And thanks for your lovely comment on my other post too :)

  14. ..The blogger world is truly amazing..I love how people share they're own experiences and creations! I'm really happy I'm here in this blogger world : )))

  15. I love your blog for its genuineness, its authenticity... its spirit of positive intent. You deserve all the adulation and even more :)

  16. Ellinelle, I am glad too, can't even imagine what it'd be like without having such opportunity to connect with different people!

    Graham, thank you too much! :)


I appreciate you taking the time to connect and share your thoughts, so thank you for your comment! And while you're at it... Why not tell me what you're thankful for today? ;-)